Thursday, 27 March 2014

Chocolate Snot

Lately, The Boy has developed (yet another) annoying habit. He holds food in his mouth, for like, hours, without swallowing it. I've come to the conclusion that he does it when it's something nice, because once it's swallowed, it's gone. It's super annoying.

This recently happened in public with horrendous consequences.

So we go to the Farm Park with my friend and her little girl. The Boy is soon in a shitty mood because we had to let some other kids have a go on the old tractors. But despite that, we got through lunch in the little cafe quite nicely (basically by letting him eat crisps and chocolate) and then we decided to go and look around the toy shop.

I didn't realize he was still holding a mouthful of mushy chocolate in his mouth, like a little hamster....

.... until he sneezed....

.....all over the Thomas the Tank Engine display.

Luckily no one saw except my friend, who kept a look out for me whilst I frantically wiped all of the chocolaty goop off the toys with antibac wipes.

After cleaning up (the first) mess, I try to get him to swallow. Squeezing his cheeks, rubbing his throat, threatening him, bribing him,  but nope. He would not swallow it.

So I picked him up and quickly tried to make my exit from the store before he defiled any other toys. 

When he sneezed again I managed to catch it in my hand.

However whilst preoccupied with wiping away the shockingly copious amount of runny brown snot from my hand....  he then sneezed in my face!!

What can I say. Just another typical day looking after The Boy. 

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