Thursday, 15 May 2014

Scan Day!

Week 8

Scan day!

Well, it’s confirmed. 

There is a definite little blob growing in my uterus, and that blob has a nice strong heartbeat. I AM pregnant! It’s not just some weird dream or something I imagined. It’s such a relief to see it growing there, especially as I’ve had literally ziltch pregnancy symptoms.

Another good outcome of today is that my obstetrician looked through my notes, saw what happened with the boy’s birth, and immediately suggested a planned C-section. It is such a massive relief that I don’t have to fight for it. I had my notes and print outs of research all ready and waiting, so that I could back up my hysterical sobbing/begging with cold, hard facts but in the end there was no need. She suggested it with no prompting from me at all. Phew. 

The down side of today is the length of time spent here in the hospital. Of course my hospital phobia had me all in a fluster, with a high blood sugar after breakfast and a couple of high blood pressure readings (140 over 106!), meaning I was red flagged, and sent all over the hospital searching for a 24 hour blood pressure monitor (which of course there were none available). I’m now sitting in a room having a profile done. I think it’s lowered already, pretty sure it came right down as soon as soon as the C-section was agreed on.  It’s hard to relax when I know hubby is stuck at home with the boy and trying to run the business as well. I was only expecting to be here a couple of hours.

Note to self – learn some meditation/calming techniques, or else I’m going to be doing this a lot! 

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