Monday, 21 April 2014


So the first weeks is done.

Already my blood sugars are trying to climb. It could be because of the pregnancy, or because of this damn infected tooth that I've been waiting an age to get treated. Luckily I managed to get some antibiotics from the emergency dentist, so nipped the infection in the bud before it had a chance to send my blood sugars completely haywire.

Dare I say it, but I'm finding it easier. Last time I was using Insulatard as a background insulin, which did not suit me at all. I know that now, looking back, I was almost managing without any background insulin at all. Just taking the Insulatard at night meant that it would have been out of my system by mid morning. Leaving me to try and control my daytime sugars with just my novorapid. No wonder it was so hard!

This time I'm using Levimir. A split dose taken morning and evening, so that I'm covered 24 hours. It means I can take less novorapid with meals, and so avoid having hypos (and rebounds). I'm also limiting my carbohydrates, eating lots of salads and vegetables, being uber healthy.

Another difference from last time, I'm not only recording my blood glucose readings,  I've also been recording my insulin doses, grams of carbs eaten with each meal, and the exercise that I do. This gives me much more information to work on. So that I can decide whether 'that high' was caused by something I ate (and need to avoid), or pregnancy hormones.

Even so my blood sugars have not been perfect. However here is another way that I'm doing things differently.

I am not going to stress. 

What good does it do anyway?

I'm just going to write it down, correct it with another injection of insulin, and try to learn from it. 

I've recently started having highs after breakfast. I've eaten the same thing for breakfast all week, so I know it's not what I ate, and up until 3 days ago the insulin doses worked perfectly. So I know it's the pregnancy and that my doses need increasing. So I increased my morning novorapid ratio to 1 unit of insulin per 2 grams of carbohydrate. We'll see if that works tomorrow.

That's how it will be from now on. Testing. Writing down. Using the evidence I give myself to decide on the plan of action.

The first week is over. It's not been so bad. I know it's early days yet but I'll take all the success that I can! 

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