Thursday, 13 March 2014

So what's it all about?

Sooooo... New blog, first post. It seems that an introduction would be the done thing to do. So here it is. 

Thirty something, married, mother of one small boy, who shall be known from here on as 'The boy' or 'The brat', depending on what sort of day we're having.

He's two years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, the epitome of cute and angelic - apart from the fact that I'd actually bet money on him growing up to be the next great dictator, and possibly starting world war 3.

The boy is my hard earned prize after struggling through a few years of infertility, a really crappy pregnancy with many complications, and a birth that resembled something from a Saw movie. From the day I pee'd on that stick and it told me I was 6+ weeks pregnant when I hadn't even missed my period I knew the boy was a determined little so and so, and I was right.

I came to realise soon after joining the 'motherhood club' that I really didn't belong here. It felt like I had sneaked in through the back door. I was the one zoning out through boredom with all the baby related conversations. I was the one with the birth story that would turn everyone white. I was the one with the red faced banshee child and they were the ones with the cooing cherubs. 

That's right. It's me. The mother with the screaming kid that ruins your restaurant meal. The mother who has, on occasion, snapped and told her child 'for God's sake SHUT UP!'. The mother who will go upstairs and scream into a pillow on a quite regular basis. Yep that's me. And I'm not ashamed.

'You must not be acting firm enough' - I hear you judging me.

And you'd be wrong. I am certainly not a flake.

It's OK. I forgive you for jumping to conclusions. It's actually something I may have said myself back in the days before the boy came along. The fact is, that some kids are just more temperamental than others. It's fine. No really, It's OK to not have a happy smiley child that behaves angelically all of the time, and it's OK to not be the perfect mother.

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to think your child is a complete arse AND love them an unfathomable amount at the same time.

I suppose that's what this blog's going to be all about. That's my message.

'It's OK'.

Alright it's not catchy, but a well needed message in today's mothering society - where your sold this perfect dream of snuggles and rainbows, where it's a constant 'dick measuring' competition between you and the other ('better') mums, where you constantly carry a mountain of guilt thinking that you don't do a good enough job or that you don't enjoy it enough.

No wonder Post Natal Depression is rife these days - Expectations VS Reality. The aim of my blog is to be a reality haven.

So, if you're one of those always happy, well adjusted, full of advice (secretly judging us all) mothers who can't ever understand why anyone would become exasperated with parenting because it's so Goddamn dreamy, then don't let the door hit your perfectly toned backside on the way out.

Otherwise, hello and welcome!


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